Our Specialty

AIM's services are targeted at leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces used for interior components of aircraft. These components would include aircraft seating, side panels and reveals, headliners, seat bases, window reveals, table tops, and drink rails. The industry uses many different types of plastics, vinyls, and leathers to accomplish both practical and maintainable surfaces but also to bring elegance to these interiors.

Extensive Training & Networking

Simply being able to identify correctly the type of material that is in need of our services and then being able to provide a solution to what ever problem exists is a challenge within itself. This is where the extensive training and networking that ColorGlo technicians experience becomes a huge asset.

Our Services

The following catagories are a basic overview of our services.

Cleaning and conditioning - would include basic cleaning of built up soiling, newsprint ink or ink stains, removing simple scuffs, applying a final coat of leather conditioner

Repairing worn areas – many high wear areas such as seat arm rests and upper back cushions have the actual coating worn thin or all the way through the actual finish coating thus exposing the actual leather to premature wear and leaving it unprotected from the elements. Cleaning, repairing surfaces, and redying with multiple coats of finish will bring these areas back to alike new condition.

Repairing damaged areas – Many times faded colors, damaged surfaces from scuffs, scratches, and cracking can be repaired to a like new condition. This would include leather, vinyl, and hard plastics. These areas are then redyed back to an original color.

Redying surfaces to bring back original resiliency – Many times faded colors, damaged surfaces from scuffs, scratches, and cracking can be repaired to a like new condition. This would include leather, vinyl, and hard plastics. These areas are then redyed back to an original color.

Quality Control

Many companies have tested their products to prove that they will not alter existing burn certificates but what they haven’t done is create an FAA repair station that controls who uses these products, how they use them, and how they will qualify their work. This is called a quality control system. Using an FAA certificated system will assure that trained people are using these products, these products are traced from point of origin to point of use, and a quality control system is used to issue FAA approved paperwork to the aircraft owner returning the aircraft to service after the maintenance we provide is completed. AIM uses either FAA form #8130-3 or logbook entry forms at the customer requests. Rest assured that existing burn certifications will not be voided when AIM maintains your interiors.

Our Guarantee

A common question is "How long will it last?" It is simple to make something look good going out the door but the real value to the end user is often found months later after these surfaces have been used and cleaned by the customer. We can not control how you clean or maintain these surfaces after they leave our hands but we feel confident that it will wear well and often times as well as the original finish. Our guarantee is that we will make you satisfied or your money back, no questions asked. We have not experienced cracking, peeling, tackyness, product coming off onto clothing, and the many other problems that many products cause. We take great pride in the fact our products stand the test of time again and again. We have a long list of customers who continually ask us to perform our maintenance on every annual inspection of their aircraft. They have found that routine maintenance can keep the appearance and condition of these interiors in a like new condition even though they may have thousands of hours of actual use.

ISO 9001 : 2000 Registered

ColorGlo is an ISO 9001 : 2000 registered compliance company. They continually test their products for flexibility, wearability, and durability to bring assurance that customers are getting the best possible product for the restoration industry. You can rest assured that the products being applied to your interior is the right product for the job at hand.

Extensive Training Schedule

All AIM technicians that have received their FAA repairman licenses have had extensive training beginning with ColorGlo restoration technician training. This entails two weeks of hands on training at ColorGlo's training facility in Minneapolis Minnesota. Even after this amount of extensive hands on training, these technicians have to work in the field for a minimum of 18 months before they can apply to become a licensed repairman under AIM’s repair station. After they apply they have to complete another 24 hours of both classroom and hands on training to demonstrate their ability to perform any and all repairs that are needed in the aviation sector. After a technician becomes an FAA licensed repairman, they are mandated to participate in AIM's FAA approved training program where all technicians get annual recurrent training. ColorGlo has an extensive networking system in place where all technicians can receive 24 hour support for any problems encountered in the field. With 100’s of trained technicians around the world, they can receive assistance for the most challenging issues that can be encountered.

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